Tone Weal is a leadingTaiwan  provider of pro audio and integrated services.
since 2008

Our brand originated from a founder with more than 30 years of experience in the professional audio field. He is an excellent recording engineer and a senior professional record production expert. The founder experienced decades of professional recording and mixing, transitioned from the analog to the digital era, and then moved to the design and production of professional audio equipment, creating his dedicated and persistent audio career.

We are rooted in Taiwan and insist on designing and manufacturing on this land from beginning to end. This is not just the brand's pride but also its respect for the spirit and technical traditions of the Taiwanese Craftsman spirit.

Tone Weal also insists on leaving Taiwan's core of design and manufacturing. Every product contains Taiwan's ingenuity and exquisite skills, showing excellent sound quality and standards.

Tone Weal injects this persistence and passion into every product, hoping to bring users a truly unforgettable experience and continue to create better audio products in the future.