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The U42 is a 6-channel portable USB audio interface designed with the mobile recording and performance professional in mind. The U42 offers incredible audio fidelity, stability, and a practical set of input and output options. It also offers two XLR/TRS inputs with phantom power, plus two RCA inputs, four balanced +4dBu outputs, optical S/PDIF I/O, signal LED’s display, Headphone control with monitor, zero-latency, solid metal construction, all in a durable compact case.

Stylish, sleek, and easy-to-use, the portable U42 allows musicians and hobbyists to record and playback high quality audio on their computers. Perfect for Podcasting or mobile recording, the U42 sports a number of versatile features without a high price tag.

U42 is equipped with studio-quality 24bit/96 kHz/192kHz audio converters provide crystal-clear treble and rich bass response, and features special high-gain output stages that deliver a powerful signal with additional headroom. Low-latency operation down to less than 4ms enables the high degree of precision and responsiveness that professional audio performances rely on.

U42 also features a ground point for turntables and an adjustable headphone output, as well as signal level LEDs for all inputs and outputs. The interface is completely bus-powered, making a cumbersome AC adapter unnecessary.

Integration for the Win By implementing all the functions of a complete audio front end in a single package, U42 is able to provide unprecedented power and quality in a lightweight, single RU hardware unit.

A high-quality audio solution for both pro and project studios

The Tone Weal’s audio interfaces feature two diversify products with similar designs, but different digital connectivity giving customers the choice of USB or FireWire. The U42 with 96kHz & 192kHz are the FireWire audio interface. U42 features professional recording up to 24 bit/192 kHz resolution and ship with a low-latency ASIO 2.0 driver compatible with PC & Mac.

The U42 supports a variety of applications. For studio recording, it provides a very high quality interface to a DAW, offering sound processing or simple file transfer between workstations. Its exceptional sound quality is the perfect complement to the studios existing analog to digital conversion chain. Songwriters and engineers can use the U42 expanded to record and edit on the road, in the hotel, while traveling, or anywhere that inspiration strikes.

Pro features and I/O options

The U42 is compact and rugged enough to live in your gig bag. It has RCA stereo outputs and a headphone output so you can cue and output your main mix simultaneously. The U42 also has a 1/4" mic input so you can be the life of the party. It includes the tools you'd expect from a quality mixer.

Phantom power is available for each of the U42 preamps. The first two channels include DIs for direct connection of guitars and other instruments. U42 is also the ideal solution for both mixing and computer recording


Stand Alone mode controlled

As a standalone converter, U42 provides a 24bit/96kHz/192kHz stereo front-end with ultra-low noise mic pres for any recording system. It also, making it ideal as headphone amp and studio monitor controller.

Easy to use For both 96kHz & 192kHz: U42 can run the project in Stand Alone mode (no need of computer).

2(combo jack)Front-panel microphone input w/premium phantom-powered mic preamps

Using these connectors makes these inputs very versatile and functional as these inputs can handle microphones and direct connection of instruments such as electric guitars.

Integrate standalone mode

Ensemble will now operate without a FireWire connection to a computer. Ensemble's Stand-Alone Mode offers professionals the option to use their Ensemble as a high-end converter and mic pre, independent of the computer.
6-in/6-out Connectors 24-bit/192kHz simultaneous performance

The U42delivers 24 bit/192 kHz simultaneous full duplex recording performance, the maximum spec. for DVD-Audio with this box.
Automatic detection sampling rate with receiver S/PDIF in on hardware mode

This integrated feature set removes the requirement for system platforms to vary system clocking when integrating asynchronous digital interfaces such as S/PDIF. System integrators can now maintain a constant frequency, high quality system clock and provide a digital interface to external devices operating at various asynchronous samples rates from 44.1 kHz to96 kHz

6-in/4-out 24-bit/96kHz simultaneous performance
2(combo jack)Front-panel microphone input w/premium phantom-powered mic preamps
2 TRS jacks input w/line preamps
+4 dB balanced input and output
S/PDIF coaxial input & output ports
Integrate standalone mode
Automatic detection sampling rate with receiving S/PDIF IN on hardware mode
High quality digital output fix type(24bit / 96kHz)
MIDI in/out ports
Powered via FireWire bus or DC power supply with AC adaptor included
Direct monitoring without latency
Dual 6-pin IEEE1394 ports
Power on/off with signal indicator and 48V LED
Headphone output with dedicated level control
Compact, solid-metal construction
Mac OS X CoreAudio and Windows XP WDM and ASIO 2.0 support
Includes easy-to-use Raper Software -Download