Klaus Blütner aka “Santa Klaus
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Music plays an important role in every stage of my life. The first instrument I mastered was the recorder I learned when I was eight years old. Next is an acoustic guitar, my father (hoping that he rests, he left the world last month to join the great show in the sky) and gave it to me when I was eleven. Around that time, I also heard my first Beatles album (classic red and blue albums with their most popular songs and the most famous songs), and I became keen to play these guitars. song. I also picked up the bass guitar and joined my father's group. They visited bars and beer tents in the Rhineland region. Therefore, German folk music has become another component of my music. In the mid-1980s, I played bass in forty-four bands focused on English and American music between 1960 and 1980. In that group, I got my first step as the lead singer; for example, I sang in Springland's "Glory Day" and Willie Nielsen's "They Go to Mexico". Our other favorite is "Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree", which has many fanatic followers in Taiwan. In my college days, I was immersed in jazz music and played bass in the big band of Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington. I also joined Trier's Bruce band, which still exists: ''Blues'." I contributed a chorus there. After that, it became more and more difficult to become a band guitarist or bass player in Germany. The location is usually filled by egocentric, gorgeous but limited frontline men who show off their latest gadgets and gear. But they need a keyboard player; I got a synthesizer and joined a reggae band to make "Bob". I After moving to Taiwan, I became interested in blues music; it seems to be the perfect tool to express my feelings as an expatriate. I also started to play personal concerts (vocals and guitars) because if you can't guarantee that they have a fixed Revenue, then hiring a support team can be very complicated. But if I become more widely known, this should not happen, I will hire myself as a support group, which is for sure.


So that has been my musical bio so far. Long live Rock’n’Roll! (English)