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Junior high school began to contact the guitar at the Thermos Club. I remember that the guitar teacher at that time was usually a big kid who would play with the students, but as soon as he picked up the guitar, he became a guitar hero who was invincible, and really made me a magic guitar. Deeply fascinated.

In March 2016, he joined Qiu and Le. The dream that was originally untouchable like a white cloud has been realized. So far, Qiu and Le have quickly accumulated nearly 200 performances. These two years are undoubtedly the frogs on the road of music. It’s time to go the fastest, hoping to pass the accumulated energy through music to more people who need encouragement.


Guitarist frog music experience:


  • YAMAHA Music Classroom Guitar Teacher
  • Salt Water Festival 104 Music Park Creation Competition 3rd place
  • Current 丘與樂 guitarist