玫瑰紅主唱/吉他手-Luci (玉子)
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Turn life experiences into energy-injecting songs, sing the melody purely with your heart, share the joy when you are happy, and use the notes to find the exit, the unconventional thinking, connecting the abstract music and reality.

Awards Record: 


  • Taichung Blue Ribbon Ocean Sightseeing Orchestra Championship
  • Keelung Cultural Center we are the one Orchestra Competition
  • Taipei Hakka Culture Theme Park Jazzme Final 2nd place
  • The 14th North Rhythm Prize Final 2nd in the Social Creation Group
  • The 16th Central University Unplugged Creation Group
  • Nantou Taiwan Craft Festival [Autumn Rhododendron Cup] second place
  • Pop Rock Budokan Hot Tone Competition 2nd place
  • New Taipei City Gongga International Marine Music Festival Top Ten
  • Miaoli 2013 Nanzhuang Mountain City Garden - Summer Mad Music Runner-up
  • Taipei YAMAHA Top Music Competition Region Juniors Runner-up Best Guitarist
  • Nantou Baodao Times Village The first Baodao Cup Music Youth Orchestra Final
  • Qijin Beach Square - 2012 tide! ROCK! Rock Long live the hot sound contest third runner
  • Taichung Rock Prince Orchestra
  • The most appreciated guitarist stevie ray vaughan  


Teaching experience


  • Rhine Music Art (Classroom)
  • Magic do re mi music classroom
  • Kimi full-time music teacher