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Graduated from Tokyo/taipei communic art.

At the age of 18, he won the orchestra championship in the 8th popular music competition of YAMAHA and was invited to participate in the BIG GIG Music Competition hosted by NHK.

After that, he started his career as a professional musician at major PUB concerts and began to get involved with guitar recording, arrangement, music, and so on.

Work with many online artists and start experimenting with songwriting and creating orchestras.


Song work

The second place in the Super Idol Global Chinese Creation Competition, the award-winning work Butterfly Love Flower was included in the super-album album 'I have my exclamation mark' in the same year, and was sung by Fu Qiongyin.


Gu Yue Longshan Quotations Champion, Gu Yue Longshan, a collaboration with Fang Wenshan.

It was included in Tianyue's debut album, which won the China Pop Music Weekly Champion and was the endorsement for Zhejiang Yellow Wine.


Confucius Temple Hanfeng Rock and the Six Art Troupe team, the only rock band in Taiwan that performed at the Confucius Temple, and created the theme song of the Hanfeng rock event “Spring and Autumn”.


In 2017, Nara Prefecture of Japan, Emperor Wu of the Emperor, performed with the famous singer Aikawa Nanase on behalf of Taiwan.